Sharp County, Arkansas

County Departments

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration | 870-994-7357

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

This satellite state revenue office located in the Sharp County Courthouse offers drivers license services such as renewals or replacements and vehicle license tag renewals.

Assessor | 870-994-7327 | Email

The Assessor is responsible for the daily operations of the Assessor's office. The major duty is listing and valuation of real and personal property in the county as established by the Arkansas Constitution and the State Personal and Property Tax Code §26-26-717.


Sharp County is at the beginning of a five year reappraisal cycle that will be completed in 2020. Data collection is commencing throughout the county and new values will be established in 2020.

Tax payers are required by law to declare or assess all personal property on or before May 31st of each year. This task may be completed in person at the Assessor's office or over the telephone by calling 870-994-7327.

Real property is assessed by the reappraisal staff. Any significant changes in real property should be reported to the Assessor's office. This includes any additions or deletions to the property by the owner.

Kathy Nix - Assessor


Jennifer - Real Estate
Bernadette - Personal Property
 Teresa - Personal Property
Kim - Mapping


Collector | 870-994-7334 | Email

The Collector is responsible for the daily operations of the Collector's office where the primary function is to collect personal property and real estate taxes.



The primary function of the Collector's office is to collect property taxes. Property tax is an important source of revenue for county governments. Revenue generated by the property tax is used to finance education, roads, hospitals, libraries, public safety and for the general operation of Sharp County.

Property taxes are based on two kinds of property: real property and personal property. Real property is all tangible real estate that is fixed, immovable property. This includes land and all improvements made to that land, such as buildings, homes and barns. All property, except agricultural land, has an assessed value that is equal to its market value.

Personal property is everything that is subject to ownership, tangible and movable. Items of household furniture and furnishings, clothing, appliances and other personal property used within a home were exempted from personal property tax. Examples of taxable personal property are vehicles and boats. In 2019, a $375 homestead real estate property tax credit was granted to all homeowners and the appraised value was frozen for all homeowners over 65 living in Arkansas. Personal property taxes are due by October 15th of each year.


Charlotte Ratliff | Collector

Cooperative Extension Services | 870-994-7363

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM -4:30PM

The Cooperative Extension Services department offers a number of programs to support county citizens such as agriculture, 4-H Club, community development and family and consumer sciences.

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County Judge | 870-994-7338 | Email

The County Judge presides over the Quorum Court which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations. The judge holds hearings, appoints board members and prepares annual budgets. The judge is also head of civil defense, disaster relief and the road department. Burning bans are also determined by the judge.


Judge Gene Moore

Denise Administrative Asst.

County/Circuit Clerk | 870-994-7361 | Email

The County/Circuit Clerk is responsible for the daily operations of the County/Circuit Clerk's office. Duties also include county invoice payments, marriage licenses, voter registration records and county payroll.

The Clerk's office also prepares summons, warrant, orders, judgements and injunctions authorized by the Circuit Court for delivery by the sheriff. Files of all court cases, either pending or past, are maintained by the Clerk. Deeds, mortgages, liens, surety bonds and other property documents are also recorded in the Clerk's office.

Road Department | 870-994-9675 | Email

The Road Department is responsible for maintenance of all county roads. Monthly reports are furnished to the Quorum court and the media that include work sites, equipment, labor, material and fuel used, along with equipment repair and maintenance costs.

To Report Road Problems: 870-994-7338

Sharp County Detension Center | 870-994-7329

County Jail and Sheriif Office

Sheriff | 870-994-7356 | Email | Website

The Sheriff is considered the top lawman in the county and performs a range of duties including criminal investigations, traffic law enforcement, and county jail operation.

Treasurer | 870-994-7347 | Email

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving all monies belonging to the county and keeping an accounting in a designated depository. The Treasurer is also responsible for paying or disbursing all monies as directed by law and maintains records for all banking transactions.

Veteran Services | 870-994-2408

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Veteran Services department provides information and assistance in obtaining state and federal veterans benefits, programs and services such as employment assistance and job training.


Gary Rodgers